Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This project is super simple!!!  :)

All you need is: scissors, construction paper, a pencil, glue and tape if your going to make a large one

Tape your papers together: overlapping slightly

Cut the pumpkin shape out. If your little one is able to use scissors this is a perfect time to let them practice their skills :)
(I found it pretty easy to draw 1/2 of the pumpkin and folded the papers in half and cut it)

To get the pieces for the face I asked Bug what shapes we should make the eyes, the nose, and the mouth. When I asked her what shape the eyes should be she said "a circle and a diamond" and when I asked her what shape the nose will be she said "a square" and when I asked her what shape the mouth will be she said "a rectangle"

To make cutting the center of the eyes out easier poke the scissors through the center of it and cut to the edge, then cut the rest of the shape out.

Draw the stem

If your little one can do it help them cut out the pieces

Using a pencil have your little one help you draw the lines on

Have your little one put the glue on the back of the eye...then flip it over and....

Stick it on..

Then repeat the previous step for the next eye...

Have your little one glue the nose on..

Have them glue the mouth on...

Glue the stem on...


You have a pumpkin!!!

Have your little one pick a spot to hang it up (we chose the laundry room door :]  )

Pick the scraps up and throw them away and wash the glue off your little ones hands. Put the scissors and tape away :)

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