Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Sensory

The Crafting with Bug household is a little behind on things this year and we FINALLY got our pumpkins carved this past weekend!!! I thought I would share some fun pictures with you all!!! :)

Waiting for Grandpa to cut it open for us...
"Cool Dude"


"This is gooey....this is fun"

"I got this"

While Mommy cleaned out what was left in the pumpkin she had lots of fun exploring the pumpkin 'guts'...
She discovered the fly REALLY far when she throws them :) 
[We even had pumpkin on the wall behind her and half way across the kitchen!!]

Telling Daddy what kind of face she wants...
This is what they came up with...

Here is the final project!!! 

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