Thursday, October 13, 2011

Light Switch Covers-Halloween

All you need for this is paint, scissors, a paper plate, a paintbrush (per color), a pencil, construction paper, a straight edge of some sort (i used another piece of paper), and your little ones bare feet! 

Measure the width of your light switch plates and draw your columns about 1/8 inch wider then them

Cut your strips (one strip per light switch)

Have your little one pick as many colors as you want to use

I found it helpful to measure the length of the covers and draw a line at the bottom...I also drew in approximately where the switch is.
(This will help you line your child's foot up later)

Flip your strips back over

At the line fold your papers so that your drawings are on the inside (this will make holding the paper easier when you are placing your child's foot on the paper)

Using your paint brush paint your child's foot making sure to cover the whole foot. The heal is the head so be sure cover that too!

Line your child's heal up with the line on the paper and slowly 'roll' the paper up your child's foot

Peel the paper off leaving the print and let them dry

Clean their foot off (I used a wipe)

After they dry cut them out (if your little one is old enough let them do this)

Once the ghost is cut out the place for the light switch will need to be cut out too. (This will be easier for the grown up to do)
{I found that the spots I drew on the back for the switches were slightly off. If you place the ghost in front of the light switch and apply a little pressure it will leave a mark for reference}

I used a q tip and the leftover paint to make faces on the ghosts after the spot for the switch was cut out

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