Monday, October 10, 2011


Halloween is upon us!! So I thought we might start to share some fun craft ideas!!!

All you need for this is: One garbage bag per ghost, One balloon per ghost, a pair of scissors (safety first scissors if your little one will be doing any cutting), any type of ribbon or string and a couple of permanent markers

{If you are having smaller children do this you will need to do the next step}

Blow up each balloon to your desired size

We used garbage bags with draw strings so we cut those off. This is the best time to do hand over hand with your child to teach them to cut. Because you are making ghosts the more jagged the bottom of the bag is the more ghostly it will look :) 


Cut a couple pieces of ribbon/ string that are about 6 inches long each

Have your child stuff the balloon in the garbage bag

Tie the ribbon/string at the bottom of the balloon so the balloon is snug to the top of bag...

{When you tie the bag shut tie it in a bow you will use the bunny ears later}

Because Bug is little I drew a few shapes on for faces and let her color them in with the markers. If your child is old enough let them draw their own faces on them! 

Next cut another piece of string/ribbon that will be long enough for you to hang the ghosts from...Tie one end to one of the bunny ears and tie the other to the opposite bunny ear leaving an end of the string you just tied sticking out. 

{To make sure this is secure pinch both pieces together and spin it around the bottom of the balloon a few times and using the loose end you left and the piece you just wound around the balloon tying another not to secure it. } 

We made one for each side of our garage :) 

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