Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ghostly Fall Trees

All you need for this is tissue paper (in fall colors), glue, scissors, string, pencil, construction paper, computer paper and a ghost pattern
[For the ghost pattern I did a google search for 'ghost patterns' and just traced them on the computer paper right off the first screen since I needed them to be little]

Have your child pick their background colors (I set the brown paper aside for the trees)

Line your child's elbow up with the bottom of the paper having them fan their fingers out then trace it. 
[We traced 2 by tracing their hand in one direction and then turning the paper around and tracing their other hand going the opposite direction]

If your child is able to have them cut their hands out...

After they cut them out they can choose to make 2 trees or one big tree

Put glue on their 'tree'...you can either guide the glue bottle as they squeeze it or let them do it by themselves

Have them flip the 'tree' over lining it up as close to the bottom of the paper as they can

Put glue on the 2nd 'tree'

Both the girls chose to make one big tree!! 

Cut a strip of tissue paper from each color they are going to use

Have your child tear the tissue paper into small pieces

While they are ripping paper you can cut 1 piece of string for each ghost being used making the strings about  1 1/2 inches long

Have them put a small amount of glue where they want their 'leaves'

Have your child crumple the tissue paper as they put it on...Bug decided it was faster to put the whole pile of paper on the glue and push it down :)

[Because the ghosts are small an adult may have to do the next step]
Take the ghosts and cut them out

I found that cutting around the ghost first then cutting it out was easiest

Place a small amount of glue on the back of the ghosts head and add the string. Then have them place their ghosts in their tree



  1. Those are super cute! My kids are a little older, but I think even they would enjoy doing this one.

  2. I hope they enjoy them!!! If you have any ideas of other things you would like to see on here I would love to hear it!!!


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