Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fish Bags**

For this you need: a ziplock bag or two (We used a big one and a little one for 2 different sized fish), Scissors, string, straws, 3 different colors construction paper, and scotch tape which I forgot to put in the picture

Have your child choose their colors

[An adult needs to do the next step unless your child is older]

Cut the top edge of the ziplock off making sure not to cut the zipper off

Fold the corners of the ziplocks in and secure them with scotch tape.

Cut your papers into squares. If your little one is able let them cut the squares...
{3 pieces of paper was enough to fill both fish}

Have your little one crumple the squares...

While they are crumpling paper you can cut the strings...making them about 6 inches long will leave you plenty of room

Then place the crumpled piece in the bag. Making sure they fill it a little more then 2/3s full

Push all the air out..

At about the middle of the bag pinch the sides together and using your string to tie it

Here is the first fish...Repeat the above steps for each fish...

[An adult needs to do the next step unless your child is older]

Cut a slit on the underside of the bigger part of the fish
(This step was hard to get a picture of sorry...)

Insert the straw into the hole (trying your best to hide the top of the straw within the paper)...then seal around the hole and straw with scotch tape.

I used a permanent marker to color the face on...if you and your child choose, you can make a face on both sides :)

Here is our final products!!!

Throw away the ends of the ziplocks and strings and put your tape and scissors away and your done :)

**Original idea found HERE 

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