Sunday, August 14, 2011

Who needs paper to paint???

WE DON'T!!!! 

All we need is :
Washable paints, a couple paint brushes and THE SIDEWALK!!!

Simply squirt some paint on the sidewalk and let your child go!! (It is best for them to be bare foot for easy cleaning!!)

Mix many colors together and let your child explore!!

If they get really into it let them ditch the paint brushes...
and use their hands!!

Clean up is easy too! 

Just take your child to wash their hands (and possibly feet) in the sink. The paint is washable so a good rainfall will take care of it.

If you can't leave it for the next rain fall to take care of it a bucket of soapy water dumped on it and wash cloth ran over it. Then another bucket of plain warm water dumped on it and it's clean!!

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