Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sun Prints

 (Picture from google)

Sun Prints are very easy (if the weather cooperates)

Gather your supplies:  Dark colored construction paper, stencils work great and something to weight the paper down and constant sun light
 Any of their favorite toys will work well too! Even other construction paper cut outs!

Take your objects and papers outside to a sunny area. Have your child arrange their chosen objects on the paper

Rocks work well to weigh the paper down if the objects are not heavy enough to do it by themselves. Leave the paper in the sun for 3-4 hours.

Note: The papers need to be in direct sunlight that is constant. If the sun is fading in and out this won't work. (That's what happened to ours today)   :(

The first picture was retrieved from google by searching "construction paper sun prints" since ours didn't work today. I hope you have better luck then we did!!!

You can also buy sun print kits on Amazon.com for anywhere between $6 and $20. These come with chemically treated paper that reacts with the sunlight. These work very well and aren't quite finicky as the construction paper is.

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