Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shaving Cream Sensory

Today's project is SUPER easy!!! You only need 2 things: Shaving cream (cheap works just fine!!) and an easy to clean surface like a tile floor or table.

I chose to use the tile floor but any washable surface works! Squirt some of the shaving cream infront of your child. It may take some encouraging for them to touch it....

Let your child go to town with it! (Hint: If Mom or Dad are willing to play too, your child will be more likely to try it and enjoy the experience)

We had a really good time drawing and creating!!

We also discovered that when we hit hands together it sends shaving cream flying!

This is an awesome sensory project for little ones. Let them get dirty and enjoy it!!

Clean up is a breeze too!!! Simply use warm water to wash your child. Using a dry wash cloth or towel (depending on the size of mess made) will make cleaning the surface very easy!!!

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  1. The boys and I love to play with shaving cream. We have used special trays (aka $1 cookie sheets) or in the bathtub on the shower wall. Both are easy to clean up with 3 kiddos!!


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