Sunday, August 7, 2011

Personalized Thank You Cards!!!!

The party is done and over....Now what?? Why go buy generic thank yous when you can make you own (and for cheap!!)

All you need is WASHABLE finger paints, construction paper, wipes or paper towels, and your little ones fingers!!! (and maybe an art smock)

There are 2 ways you can do it:
Let them pain the whole paper or
Cutting little cards out and putting hand prints on them.

Get all your supplies together in one spot before you start to minimize the mess :)

If you decide to paint the whole paper give them the paper and let them cover the whole thing in paint. Once that dries fold it in half and add your special message!

If you make the little cards:

Fold your construction paper in quarters holding the middle corner to hold the paper together cut the edges to add decoration to them. Then open the paper and cut it so you have 2 cards out of one piece of construction paper.

Put the paint on your child's hand covering from finger tips to wrist. Place it strait down on the paper and apply a little pressure.

Help your child peel their hand away from the paper leaving their print.

Clean up is a breeze if the paints are washable. Baby wipes can clean the table and warm soapy water will take it off your hands (and theirs) with no effort at all!!

Allow to dry (Placing them in the sun will allow them to dry faster)

Add your special message and you have a personalize thank you card everyone will love! (and the best part is you had the bonding time while doing it!!)

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  1. Very Cool! I like it. Michele N.


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