Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Kites and planes are a Daddy/Daughter thing in our house. Daddy made a homemade kite today!! Although this is mainly an adult project it is much fun to be had by all after the creating process is done!!

Items needed are:
A drill, glue, scissors, string (LOTS of string), a needle, and 2 wooden dowels. You may also want to use some fabric for a tail but this step is optional.

(Note: Paper can be used in place of fabric)

Put the dowels in a cross formation and use some of your string and criss cross until they are stable. Cut the string.

Once you secured it use glue at the end of your string to hold it in place

Spreading out the glue will allow it to dry faster and better hold the string in place

Once your glue is dried on the string use the drill a hole near the tip of all 4 points...


thread your needle with more string .

Use your threaded needle and place the string through the holes all the way around...

Forming the diamond shape. Cut the string and tie together

Lay your kite on the fabric (or paper). Make sure it is centered.

Cut around the outside leaving a 1 1/2 inch border all the way around....

After final trimming the ends of the dowels should stick about a 1/2 inch over the fabric (or paper)

Using your glue spread it over the string and fabric (or paper). Spread out so all the area is covered and...

Fold the fabric over encasing the string. For more security use a line of glue at the edge of the fabric.

Once you get all 4 sides glued it should look something like this.... ^    \/

Now flip your kite so the dowels are facing upward. Using the needle and string warp the string around the dowel a couple of times to keep it in place and then poke the needle through the fabric. Now about 2 1/2 inches below the cross section of the dowels put the thread back through the fabric. You should now have the dowels facing you again. Now wrap the string around the dowel again to secure it.  When you pull it back through make sure to not pull it through all the way. You want to make sure you have a loop left on the other side of your kite.

If you are using paper you can skip this step and just glue the paper to the dowels. Allow it to dry.

Now tie a small loop at the end of string connected to the kite (making sure the kite is balanced). Then use the loop you just made and tie the end of the other string in there to attach the string you are going to use to fly it.

In order to fly the kite you will need about 5-6 feet of string wound on a handle. We chose to use an old measuring spoon to use.

I apologize for the lack of step by step pictures and the confusing wording! My husband moved too fast for me to get a lot of it.

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