Friday, August 5, 2011

Dying Macaroni!!

This was easy to do but, I think your child would be more interested in it if they are closer to 3 years or so.... My daughter who is 2 was able to do it but I did have a hard time holding her attention.

Items needed:
Wax paper, cookie sheet, elbow macaroni, food coloring, zip locks and vinegar

We used a measuring cup to scoop the noodles into the bag

Pour the vinegar into the bag with the noodles (just enough to coat the noodles when you shake the bag)

I sealed the bag and had Bug shake it to coat the noodles before I put the food coloring in it

I had Bug choose 2 colors since we did 2 bags and added about 4 drops of food coloring to the bags. The more food coloring you add the darker your noodles will be!

Shaking the bags with the colors in them was her favorite part! Shake the bags until all the noodles look coated in color

Next put the wax paper on the cookie sheet

If you have excess vinegar in the bag dump it in the sink before putting noodles out to dry

Dump your noodles onto the wax paper and spread out evenly and allow to dry

It took about 4 1/2 hours for our noodles to completely dry. As they are drying you will need to try and separate the noodles so you don't have large clumps of them.

Once your noodles are dry have your child glue them to paper to make special creations!! 
(Next to shaking the bag Bug LOVED throwing the noodles at the paper and watching them stick!!) 


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